Thursday, December 16, 2004


making a list - checking it twice...

We're gonna find out who's naughty or nice:

House Rep. John Conyers video segment by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC relates that Conyers is prepared to contest the Ohio Electors this January, and he has not heard a peep out of the FBI after his request for investigations of the Ohio vote "irregularities."

According to NBC, Cliff Arnebeck's suit was thrown out of the Ohio Supreme Court today on a technicality which does not preclude him from refiling the suit.

Today on Democratic Underground Ohio, Fairfield County, Suspends Recount...UPDATED WITH REPORT:
At 4 pm today, after failing to get a match of hand counted ballots with punch card tabulator (ESS), two hand counts and two times through machine, after stating they were awaiting a call back from that company to have a new machine delivered, less than 30 seconds later convened a board meeting, voted to suspend recount, to await a new machine from ESS, and recount will be re-done Saturday, same exact precincts, the building is now closed, you are to exit the facility. BOE blaming issues on "machine failure" in order to avoid the now required entire county hand count. Precints were not random, they were selected by BOE, one from the Dem and one from the Repup.

This after their call to SOS Kathy Blackwell.

Greens will be going for a TRO. They are fully aware of entire circumstances of this report.

BOE's trying to get around mandatory handcounts of entire counties by calling it machine failure rather than follow clear statute. This will be breaking I am sure before long.

First hand witness to events above....myself
Raw Story reports on the Kerry campaign letter demanding recount tampering investigation. Be sure to give yourself some minutes to peruse the other articles there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


roasting on an open fire

David Cobb the Libertarian party presidential candidate told the House Judiciary committee panel in Columbus, Ohio today that the 3% sampling of counties selected for the recount are rigged to reflect the certified vote:
"A representative from Triad Systems came into this county's (not Columbus, but an undisclosed county) Board of Election's office unannounced, that is on this Friday. He said he was just stopping by to see if they had any questions about the upcoming recount.

He then headed into the back room where Triad supplies tabulators, that is the machine that counts the ballots, is kept. This Triad representative told them that there was problem with the system, that the system had a bad battery and it had lost all its data.

He then took the computer apart and started swapping parts in and out of it. And in another [incomprehensible] in the room. And he had spare parts in his coat, as one of the people moved in [sic] remarked how very heavy it was.

He finally reassembled everything and said it was working but not to turn it off. He then asked which precinct would be counted in the 3 percent recount test and that one which had been selected as if it had the right number of votes was relayed to him he then went back and did something else to the tabulator.

The Triad Systems representative suggested that since the hand recount had to match the machine count exactly and since it would hard to memorize the several numbers which would be needed to get the count exactly right, that they should post this series of numbers on the wall where they would not be noticed by observers such as to make them look like employee information or something similar.

The people doing the hand count could then he said just report those numbers no matter what the actually counted in the ballot. This would then match the tabulator report for this precinct exactly.

Minority leader of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) replied, "David Cobb, I need to you to arrange
a meeting with our staff immediately."

Cobb asserted that such practices were, "going on across the state."

Blue Lemur covers Libertarian candidate Cobb's comments on rigged Ohio recount to Rep. John Conyers. More can be found at Brad Blog Too.

Courtesy of Brad Blog listen or view Clint Curtis' sworn testimony of being asked to develop vote rigging software.

Monday, December 13, 2004


holiday goose

11 requests piping, and a partridge in a pear tree... This letter from John Kerry and counsel was sent to 88 Ohio Boards of Election today:
December 10, 2004
Re: Presidential Recount

Dear Director and Deputy Director:

Enclosed please find a copy of a letter personally signed by John Kerry appointing me as his legal counsel with respect to the recount for President and Vice President of the United States, with full authority to act on behalf of him and John Edwards, including appointing witnesses to attend the recount. Also enclosed is a letter personally signed by John Kerry designating witnesses to attend the recount in your county.

On behalf of John Kerry and John Edwards I am making the following requests regarding the conduct of the recount:

1. The selection of precincts for the three percent hand count should be according to a scientifically valid random sampling method. I am aware that you have received a letter from Votewatch regarding this issue with an offer by that organization to provide resources to ensure that the sampling method is valid. We urge you to accept this offer of assistance or otherwise be able to demonstrate that the method employed by the Board to select the precincts for the three percent hand count is scientifically valid.

2. We request that each candidate be given the opportunity to select at least one precinct for a hand count, either as part of or in addition to the three percent hand count.

3. For those counties that use touch screen voting systems, we request that the three percent hand count include a hand count of three percent of the ballot images stored in the each of the redundant memories of the machines selected for the recount and on any paper trail for the machines.

4. We request that the Board provide the opportunity for candidates participating in the recount to have the programming and calibration of the tabulating system, scanners, and electronic voting machines verified by independent experts.

5. We request that the test used by the Board to verify the logic and accuracy of the computer tabulating program be performed for each precinct, including any separate absentee precinct. Further, the test should include testing for under and over voted ballots.

6. We request that computer printouts of the recount results include the under and over votes recorded in each precinct.

7. John Kerry and John Edwards hereby request to have their witnesses visually inspect all ballots for which your voting system has not recorded a vote for President and Vice President, i.e. the undervote and overvote ballots. If the Board does not agree to a visual inspection of these ballots, then we hereby request to visually inspect all ballots pursuant to R.C. § 3515.04 and OAG 74-103.

8. We request to inspect envelopes and related paperwork for all uncounted provisional and absentee ballots. This includes documents stating the reason or reasons that a ballot was not counted and the documentation to support the same.

9. In order to verify candidate rotation, we request to inspect the ballot page assemblies of all punch card voting devices and the ballot faces of all touch screen voting machines used at the polls or at the Board's office.

10. For those counties where the names of Nader and Camejo were visible to voters on the ballots, ballot pages or faces of voting machines, i.e. where the names were not covered over with a sticker or blacked out or the ballots were not reprinted without their names, we request to know whether any votes were cast for Nader and Camejo for President and Vice President.

11. We request that absentee ballots which were postmarked by election day, November 2, 2004, and were received by the board no later than November 12, 2004, be counted if the voter did not vote at the polls.

The above requests are in addition to any other requests that may be made by our witnesses.
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Very truly yours,
cc: Daniel J. Hofheimer
Kerry-Edwards State Counsel, Ohio
Donald J. McTigue
Happy Happy Holiday. From DailyKos today:
It doesn't matter that Ohio cast its 20 electoral votes today. "Any action of a legislature or legislative body can be overturned, regardless of whether the body acted with the authority to do so."

Cliff Arnbeck filed his lawsuit "hours earlier". I think this means that there is an objection made by the deadline. I am still looking up Ohio law on this though.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


all together now

If the various reports regarding the Ohio voting have you scratching your head...

Listen Unfiltered Radio Interviews Clint Curtis "Clinton Curtis a former computer programmer in Florida, has alleged that Tom Feeney, now a republican Florida Congressman asked Curtis to develop software to steal elections."

Watch Preserving Democracy - What Went Wrong in Ohio (requires free RealPlayer).

Read this article posted today from
COLUMBUS -- The bitter battle over the stolen November 2 election in Ohio has turned into a rapidly escalating all-out multi-front war with the outcome of the real presidential vote count increasingly in doubt.

In Columbus, major demonstrations on Saturday, December 4, have been followed by an angry confrontation between demonstrators and state police at the office of Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, the Bush-Cheney state chairman who is also officially in charge of certifying the election, at least for now. Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson has called on Blackwell to recuse himself from dealings with the election, saying his role as Bush-Cheney chairman has compromised his objectivity in delivering fair election results.

New revelations about voting machine allocations in Franklin County emerged on Tuesday, December 7. William Anthony, Chair of the Franklin County Board of Elections, told WVKO radio listeners that the Board begins “stationing voting machines four weeks out” before Election Day. Security questions were raised after a machine in Gahanna Ward 1B at the New Life Church recorded 4258 votes for Bush where only 638 voters cast ballots.

Cornell McCleary, former minority director of the Republican Party of Ohio, argues that it would easy for computer hackers to hack directly into the machines: “The two points of vulnerability are setting up a computer and hacking directly into the machine, or the line that goes directly down to the Board of Elections.” He dismissed the Gahanna incident as a “prank.” Prank or not, Kerry’s decision to concede early on November 3 was based in part on these imaginary votes that were either a prank, a computer glitch, or a deliberate effort to boost Bush’s total in Ohio.

Anthony also conceded that some voters in Franklin County waited up to “five or six hours’ in order to vote. He admitted that the Board of Elections usually holds back “a truckload of voting machines"--- 75---in case there’s a truck accident." He blamed this on the lack of machines and the fact that 77 voting machines malfunctioned on Election Day. Two affidavits from voters obtained by the Free Press report that voting machine maintenance people came out to fix machines and their technique seemed to be to continually plug and unplug, or reboot, the electronic machines until the machines functioned again.

Anthony also confirmed that the Board only delivered 2741 of its 2866 machines at the opening of polls on Election Day. He said Board of Elections workers later placed an additional 44. This would put the total number in use at the “close of polls” at 2785, leaving 81 machines sitting unused. Anthony further said Election Day problems were the result of utilizing essentially 4800 volunteers with minimal training, paid a small stipend. Some poll workers have testified they repeatedly called the Board of Elections for additional machines as lines stacked up at their inner city precincts but got no response.

In addition, new evidence has continued to surface of widespread voter fraud throughout the state. Among other things, a letter from Shelby County election officials dated December 2 confirmed that the county discarded "tabulator test deck reports" from the November 2 vote count "to reduce paperwork and confusion with official results." As this county's response is the first of 88 to come from Freedom of Information Act filings, it seems likely other controversial practices could surface.

Moreover, new computer tabulation errors – first reported locally after Election Day – have resurfaced, and are of a magnitude suggesting Bush’s margin over Kerry---now 118,775 votes or 2 percent of the total votes cast in the state, according to Blackwell---could easily have been manipulated.

One precinct in Youngstown, Ohio, recorded a negative 25 million votes (that's not a typo) on an ES&S Votronic voting machine, which was discarded from official results, according to a Nov. 3 report in Youngstown’s Vindicator newspaper. Machine malfunctions combined with human error to create the massive negative vote count. “That led to some races showing votes of negative 25 million, Munroe said,” quoting Mark Monroe, the Mahoning County election chief. "The numbers were nonsensical so we knew there were problems." The website lists dozens of voting machine errors, voter intimidation reports and other problems – from the very large to very small – that were reported in the Ohio press. At the very least these errors, many of which are detailed below, add up to a scathing indictment of a statewide election. On December 6 White House Spokesman Scott McClellan called the election “free and fair.”

But even the list does not contain some of the biggest errors that will be cited in an election challenge filed Tuesday, December 7 by the Ohio Honest Elections Campaign in Ohio Supreme Court. It does not cite two non-partisan Election Day exit polls, by CNN and Zogby, which found Kerry leading by mid-afternoon. The Ohio Honest Election Campaign filing also describes abnormal patterns in the votes for statewide Democratic candidates – with Kerry receiving fewer votes than obscure candidates – could point to computer vote shifting. The Honest Election Campaign is seeking to investigate these abnormalities.

On Wednesday, Dec. 8, Rev. Jesse Jackson and many people associated with recounting the Ohio vote and challenging the election returns, will brief Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington.

Rev. Jackson has repeatedly traveled to Ohio, demanding at packed, angry rallies that the Ohio Supreme Court consider setting aside Bush's victory in Ohio and that Congress should investigate how Ohioans voted. Among other things, the call for a re-vote as in Ukraine has become a consistent theme among disgruntled Ohio voters.

Jackson’s involvement comes as other national public-interest groups are pursuing their own litigation. For example, People for the American Way is trying to stop the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland from rejecting 8,099 of the 24,472 provisional ballots cast there. The ballots were thrown out because voters did not properly complete them or cast them at polling places that were not their own.

(EDITOR’s NOTE: What follows is an excerpted list of voting errors in Ohio compiles by They are placed in the following categories: malfeasance, canvass anomalies, machine malfunction, vote suppression, provisional ballots, fraud, absentee ballot errors, and others. The link to the original news report follows.)

-- Lucas County. An extensive housecleaning in the Lucas County elections office was announced yesterday with Elections Director Paula Hicks-Hudson resigning and four other officials suspended pending investigation into problems with the official count of the Nov. 2 election.

-- Some groups also have complained about thousands of punch-card ballots that were not tallied because officials in the 68 counties that use them could not determine a vote for president. Votes for other offices on the cards were counted.

-- Cuyahoga County. 8,099 provisional ballots (about 1/3 of those cast) have been ruled invalid because the voter wasn't registered or was registered in the wrong precinct. In 2000, about 17% were ruled invalid.

-- Mahoning County. 20 to 30 ES&S iVotronic machines that needed to be recalibrated during the voting process because some votes for a candidate were being counted for that candidate's opponent.

-- Lucas County, Toledo. Throughout the city, polling places reported an assortment of problems, ranging from technical trouble with Lucas County's leased optical-scan voting machines to confusion about precinct boundaries and questions over provisional balloting.

-- Lucas County (Toledo). Technical problems snarled the process throughout the day. Jammed or inoperable voting machines were reported throughout the city.

-- Lucas County Election Director Paula Hicks-Hudson said the Diebold optical scan machines jammed during testing last week.

-- Cincinnati. Problems with punch card voting machines delayed the start of voting for up to an hour Tuesday morning at a suburban precinct. Voters were unable to slide their punch-card ballots all the way into any of the six voting machines that had ALL evidently been damaged in transit.

-- In Franklin County, Columbus, overcharged batteries on Danaher Controls ELECTronic 1242 systems kept machines from booting up properly at the beginning of the day

-- Auglaize County In a letter dated Oct. 21, Ken Nuss, former deputy director of the County Board of Elections, claimed that Joe McGinnis, a former employee of ES&S, the company that provides the voting system in Auglaize County, was on the main computer that is used to create the ballot and compile election results, which would go against election protocol. Nuss was suspended and then resigned

-- Franklin County, Columbus. A Danaher ELECTronic 1242 computer error with a voting machine cartridge gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in a Gahanna precinct. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct. A cartridge from one of three voting machines at the polling place generated a faulty number at a computerized reading station. Matthew Damschroder, director of the Franklin County Board of Elections said the cartridge was retested Thursday and there were no problems. He couldn't explain why the computer reader malfunctioned.

-- Warren County. Citing concerns about potential terrorism, officials locked down the county administration building on election night and blocked any independent observers from monitoring the vote count as the nation awaited Ohio's returns. County Emergency Services Director Frank Young explained that he had been advised by the federal government to implement the measures for the sake of Homeland Security. The Warren results were part of the last tallies that helped clinch President Bush's re-election. James Lee, spokesman with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office in Columbus, said Thursday he hasn't heard of any situations similar to Warren County's building restrictions.

-- Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell said voters could not cast provisional ballots despite not receiving their absentee ballots in time. A judge overruled him, calling his statement a "failure to do his duty" and saying that the federal Help America Vote Act requires that people who claim to be eligible voters must be allowed to cast provisionals regardless of the reason they are not on the rolls or are challenged.

-- Cuyahoga County. In precinct 4F, located in a predominantly black precinct, at Benedictine High School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Kerry received 290 votes, Bush 21 and Michael Peroutka, candidate of the ultra-conservative anti-immigrant Constitutional Party, received 215 votes. In precinct 4N, also at Benedictine High School, the tally was Kerry 318, Bush 21, and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik 163. The Constitutional and Libertarian tallies were entirely implausible for the precinct.

-- Sandusky County. What appeared to be an overcount resulted when a computer disk containing votes was accidentally backed up into the voting machines twice by an election worker.

-- Sandusky County elections officials discovered some ballots in nine precincts were counted twice. [ES&S optical scan] The county doesn't yet know how it happened

-- Polling places in Northeast Ohio had half the number of voting machines that were needed. This caused a bottleneck at polling stations, and many people left without voting.

-- Columbus. Sworn testimony shows a disparity between the number of voting machines provided to different precincts. With record turnouts, some inner city precincts had fewer machines than in previous elections.

-- Columbus. Carol Shelton was the presiding judge at a Columbus precinct with three machines for 1,500 registered voters. At her home precinct in Clintonville, she said there were three machines for 730 voters. "I called to get more machines and got connected to Matt Damschroder, and after lots of hassle he sent a fourth machine," she said. "It did not put a dent in the long lines."

-- In Franklin and Knox counties, where voters use touch-screen units, long lines developed and voters turned to a federal judge for help as the time grew near for polls to close. To speed the voting, some of those voters were given paper ballots

-- Cincinnati. "We've had reports that poll workers aren't doing a very good job putting people in the right lines for their precincts," said Molly Lombardi, a spokeswoman for the Election Protection Coalition. "People stood in line for over an hour in the rain in some places only to find they were in the wrong line. A lot of them gave up and went home."

-- Knox County. Kenyon College student Maggie Hill appeared on the "Today Show" Wednesday morning. She was one of hundreds of students and other Gambier residents who waited for up to 10 hours to cast their votes. Observers in the Gambier precinct said there were only two voting machines for 1,300 voters. Each machine, they said, is designed to handle 20 voters per hour.

-- Stark County (Canton). The Election Board reluctantly followed the law and rejected provisional ballots cast at the wrong precinct in the right polling place. Up until this year, they remade a ballot that was cast in the wrong precinct, meaning that the person’s vote would be put toward the appropriate races in the correct precinct.

-- Of the 11 counties that have completed checking ballots, 81 percent, or 4,277 out of 5,310 ballots, are valid, according to a survey Monday by The Associated Press. Most of the counties are in rural areas. "They swear up and down they're registered to vote and they're not," said Bill Thompson, deputy elections director in Pike County.

-- Montgomery County. Two precincts had 25% presidential undervotes. This means no presidential vote was recorded on 1/4 of the ballots. The overall undervote rate for the county was 2%. The undercount amounted to 2.8 percent of the ballots in the 231 precincts that supported Kerry, but only 1.6 percent of those cast in the 354 precincts that supported President Bush.

-- A woman sued elections officials Tuesday, December 7, on behalf of Ohio voters who claim they did not receive their absentee ballots on time, seeking permission for them to be able to cast provisional ballots at the polls. SoS office said state law says that if a board of elections sent someone an absentee ballot, that person cannot try to vote at a polling place.

-- Lake County. Some voters received a memo on bogus Board of Elections letterhead informing voters who registered through Democratic and NACCP drives that they could not vote. Election officials referred the matter to the sheriff.

-- Cleveland, unknown volunteers began showing up at voters' doors illegally offering to collect and deliver completed absentee ballots to the election office

--Widely circulated "Voting Information" fliers from the "Bipartisan Voting Authority" claimed that "due to record numbers of registered voters this year," Republicans would be voting on Tuesday, November 2 while Democrats should vote Wednesday, November 3. The flier did not inform voters the polls would be closed on Wednesday.

-- Cleveland. Voters received phone calls incorrectly informing them that their polling place had changed.

Steve Rosenfeld is a producer for Air America radio. Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman are publisher and senior editor of

Monday, December 06, 2004


jingle smells jingle smells...

Treason all the way
oh what fun is to ride
prison transport far away...

Well well well. A former NASA contractor comes forward in a sworn affidavit (we think):
While working for Yang Enterprises in Florida, the 46-year-old programmer says he was instructed by then-Republican state representative Tom Feeney to "develop a prototype of a voting program that could alter the vote tabulation in the election and be undetectable."
Feeney, a former failed running mate of Gov. Jeb Bush, is now represents Florida's 24th district in the House of Representatives. At the time, he was serving both as general counsel and lobbyist for Yang Enterprises and the Florida state congressman. The programmer, Clinton Curtis, said that he was told the program needed to be "touch-screen capable, the user should be able to trigger the program without any additional equipment, [and that] the programming was to remain hidden even if the source code was inspected."
Curtis asserts that he told Feeney it would be nearly impossible to write a code to change the voting results if anyone were able to view the source code.

"However," he added, "if the code were compiled before anyone was allowed to review it then any vote fraud would remain invisible to detection."

Vote Switching Affidavit PDF
The Affidavit Article from BradBlog
White House Linked to Vote Switching Payment
Olbermann Rides Again
Dead Voters and Other Glitches subscription required

Thursday, December 02, 2004


psyops and recounts

Manufacturing elections and Iraqi invasion consent - what's the difference? It's a good thing we're waking up, or should I say being slapped into reality. If the Pentagon and Bush Administration are able to repeat something often enough they hope it will become truth? It's much the same as Kenneth Blackboxwell and voting system representatives repeating the "All's well with the 2004 vote" message. I imagine they are drafting a counterspin to the dwindling Bush numbers in Ohio with something like the "Sore Loserman" campaign of 2000. Too bad that old one doesn't rhyme with the candidates anymore... The paid repug staffers are too busy spinning the Gonzalez torture memos, or advocating a fair vote in the Ukraine? Be prepared - they'll think of something. Oh I dunno, like, Constitution Article 4 Section 2 prohibiting the Ohio vote from discriminating or nullifying the S.Carolina vote?

Watch Cliff Arnebeck of Alliance for Democracy on this Washington Journal segment regarding the Ohio Vote Fraud Court Case. It requires Free Real Player.

Amy Goodman's The Exception to the Rulers addresses the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and domestic psyops illegality in: Chapter 14 entitled Psyops Comes Home. Unfortunately, our mass media is complicit in all of it from Judith Miller's imaginary war drum "sources" to Dan Rather's cuddly Marlboro Marine tears.

Amy Goodman's book is available for 12 or 15 bucks, and is the best political read I have ever cried, laughed or promoted my sanity with. Sorry Mr. Chomsky - I liked yours too.

Worth a mention... the defining of truth. From wikipedia: "The consensus theory, invented by Charles Sanders Peirce sees truth as something agreed upon by some specified group, such as all competent investigators."

Personally, I prefer the other types of truth; as in, the true kind.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome John Kerry to democracy. He's joined the Ohio and Washington recounts with some lawyers and at least 1/4 mil of the money we paid him for counting efforts. Bravo.

Speaking of truth - Keith Olbermann lied and is using his media pulpit to goose blog Bev Harris for the Florida vote trash video. I would like to see it too, sunshine permitting. Couldn't Olbermann's producers actually request it?
Contrary to Olbermann's assertions, neither he nor his staff have ever spoken with Harris to ask her to show anyone the Volusia County tapes. Producers now admit that they have not spoken to Harris at all since November 8, when they cancelled a scheduled appearance on Countdown. Harris did not come to Florida until November 12, when investigations in Volusia County began. Both Executive Producer Izzy Povich and producer Katy Carp admitted they have not been able to get hold of Harris at all since Nov. 8.

When Harris asked about Olbermann's mischaracterizations of the LePore incident (which he characterized as "crashing" "rushing" and "screaming.") Izzy Povich said that they took those details "from other news sources." When asked by Harris, she declined to name any of the news sources. When Harris stated that she has always been, and was still willing to come on the show, Povich said they are not interested in having Harris as a guest, but only in getting copies of the videotapes.

Harris arranged for the owner of the Volusia County videotapes to call Povich and offer her the tapes. Povich admitted that producers had never tried to call the owners of the tape. The tape was offered to Povich by its producers, who called to make the tape available, but Olbermann's producers have so far not returned the call.

Media Psyops Targeting the US Citizen
Protesting the Media Blackout
You Can Help the Ohio Vote Recount
Ohio Provisional Count - Kerry Gains
Canadians Slap Bush with Their Bacon
Canadian Bush Protest Photos
Where's the Iraqi Oil Money?

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


ohio goes 3rd party!?

It's incredible - truly. Predominately black neighborhoods in Ohio have overwhelmingly endorsed 3rd party candidates. Wow. Who knew? I think Bev Harris knew.

Today's Article by Juan Gonzalez:
And now Daily News reporter Larry Cohler-Esses and I have uncovered some more unusual vote totals, this time in black neighborhoods of Cleveland. Those results are from the precinct-by-precinct tallies released by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, where Cleveland is located.

In the 4th Ward on Cleveland's East Side, for example, two fringe presidential candidates did surprisingly well.

In precinct 4F, located at Benedictine High School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Kerry received 290 votes, Bush 21 and Michael Peroutka, candidate of the ultra-conservative anti-immigrant Constitutional Party, an amazing 215 votes!

That many black votes for Peroutka is about as likely as all those Jewish votes for Buchanan in Florida's Palm Beach County in 2000.

In precinct 4N, also at Benedictine High School, the tally was Kerry 318, Bush 21, and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik 163.

Back in 2000, the combined third-party votes in those two precincts - including the Nader vote - was 8. Cuyahoga, like most of Ohio's 88 counties, uses punch-card balloting.

"That's terrible, I can't believe it," said City Councilman Kenneth Johnson, who has represented the 4th Ward since 1980. "It's obviously a malfunction with the machines."

Amaze Your Friends with the Full Article
Ohio Voting Machines DisDistribution
Compelling Ohio Vote Compendium

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