Thursday, November 11, 2004


250,000,000 to one

These are the odds that the exit polls were wrong. A one in 250 million probability doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of happening - no matter how much you pray for it.

The task is to mentally roll back the clock and see if the present result is in some way marked or set apart from all the other alternatives. I haven't found any remedial alternatives to date that secures the overall issue. The current election result defies every explanation, poll, post facto excuse, voting block, trend and probability model offered and there are many. Dixiecrats, Swing Voters, The Base, Security Moms, Rural "Reds," Nascar Dads, Hispanic Americans, Moral Values, Christian Coalition... Besides echoing classic Rovian empty box debate strategy - none are plausible explanations to cover the election discrepancies; which, taken singly may be dismissed, but as a whole become a cumulative threat to democracy.

Add to this the fact that every excuse, "debunk" and explanation has been offered without hard data, FOIA requests, voting logs, or the benefit of open scrutiny. Conversely, every denial claiming the result is free and fair has some wonky circumstance, questionable partisan legislation, revised data, insecure technology, swirling accounts of disenfranchisement or borderline intervention controversy involved. It's "on message" muddy - but not unknowable.

Those who seek to dig for answers and heal what ails the system are met with canned responses, irrelevant personal attacks, intimidation, stonewalling, litigation and a slew of political mud. It makes me think we are on to something even more (perhaps not concerning the vote).

To date we haven't received a factual representation of our 2004 election. We've instead received: implausible deniability, media blitz, mantels, mandates, and a strange resistance to auditing or accountability. What were saying is - the issue isn't kosher enough to satisfy common sense. So bare with us o ye of the red based community - and we'll all pray for substantiated facts (or rather for our electorate to accept the facts).

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