Wednesday, November 10, 2004


a few words

1. Increasing or enlarging by successive addition.
2. Acquired by or resulting from accumulation.
3. Law.
a. Supporting the same point as earlier evidence: cumulative evidence.
b. Imposed with greater severity upon a repeat offender: cumulative punishment.
c. Following successively; consecutive.
5. Statistics.
a. Of or relating to the sum of the frequencies of experimentally determined values of a random variable that are less than or equal to a specified value.
b. Of or relating to experimental error that increases in magnitude with each successive measurement.

election fraud
1. misrepresentation or alteration of the true results of an election.

Help America Recount
3rd Party Recount Fund Investigate the Vote Petition

Get your fact on:
"Glitch" Gave Extra Votes to Candidate
Vote Machines Count Backward
Vote Fraud 2004
Dems Reps Seek Election Review
Election Irregularities
E-Voting Fraud Primer
Warren County Defends Lockdown Decision
Diebold Source Code Reveals Hack Key
Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked
Election Controversies & Irregularities
Buzzflash - 2004 Vote Fraud Compendium
Prison Planet - Election 2004 Vote Fraud
2004 Collected Vote Fraud Stories
Reported General Election Problems
DailyKOS - Voter Fraud and Disenfranchisement
Vote Watch 2004
Vote Fraud Articles by State
Vote Fraud in Ohio
Suprising Pattern of Florida Election Results
Signs of Vote Fraud Appear
CBS News - Vote Fraud Charges Out West
Voter Fraud
Firestorm Over Trashed Voter Registrations
Voting Files Manually Edited
International Observations

If Kerry had won, would you be asking for a recount? Of course not, because that would be non-hypocritical. Maybe you will be able to wake up one day and not be so paranoid. I love how you have all those links to the conspiracy theory sites as well as legitimate news organizations, they add a nice touch. Kind of like Schizophrenic imaginings meets Walter Cronkite.
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I do not support Kerry, or Bush. If Kerry had won and these sites were reporting evidence that Bush, and by definition the ELECTORATE was defrauded of their will - then I definately would have the same reports.

I am pro-Democracy. This concerns the ELECTION.

Did you read one link? Would you like to comment on any SPECIFIC ITEMS or issues rather than protest the fact they exist and are being reported/circulated?

Every source is legitimate, until proven otherwise, in the quest for information and an informed position. I would heartily remove any debunked source and make any ammendment that substatiates the facts regarding this issue.
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