Monday, November 08, 2004


homeland security blanket brings heat

Not a very warm or fuzzy binky. Washington Post reports Bush's Inauguration Day plan includes placing a contingent of 4,000 military troops in the civic streets of the United States. In the name of security we are breaking US law? Apparently the largest deployment of CIA agents on US soil in history is happening too - wow.

Why and to what result? I keep thinking about how much I adore the 3rd & 1st Constitutional Amendments... The "Homeland Security" blanket is getting too warm for me, and apparently it only insulates certain people like Bush and county election officials in Ohio.

Washington Post on Inauguration Troop Deployment
USA Today CIA Article
Democracy Now Broadcast
US Constitution Archive

Update 11/10/04: Ohio Factor: Did Homeland Security & FBI Interfere with the vote count?

Update 11/11/04: See the Movie of Military Vehicles at LA Protest

Update 11/10/04: Tanks in the streets of LA!

Update 11/09/04: European allies are drumming for ending NATO. This is getting spooky. Is anyone else creeped out?

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