Thursday, November 18, 2004


we deserve a laugh

Mark Fiore Giggle

...but you can also do something. Less than three weeks has passed since election day. Petition Congress for investigation. Keep counting everything. Petition the GAO, DNC, and Kerry/Edwards campaign from one place. Keep writing for mainstream coverage. Thank the publishers and broadcasters who do. Keep the pressure on. Keep supporting Nadar Badnarik and Cobb (they're headed for a legal battle with Katherine Blackwell). Keep on supporting Bev Harris and Sign the petition to investigate the vote at Keep the blogs filled with the news.

You're not crazy for knowing something really wrong happened with the vote - I believe you! See the smoke rising. Only one candidate benefits every time - ya right! I believe we're investigating potential election fraud.

Read the Hout/UC Berkeley Report
Another Congress Petition to Investigate
Alliance for Democracy - Ohio Honest Election Campaign
Cobb/Badnarik - The Ohio Recount Goes Forward!
Wired News on New Hampshire Hand Count
Dems Fight for Provisionals in Court
Kerry Speaks - They're Still Counting in Ohio
Mitofsky Uncut and Uncensored from Mayflower Hill
Palast in Salon
Double votes in Ohio You Say?
The Nation - Recount New Hampshire
Bev Harris Locks Down County in Florida

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