Wednesday, November 17, 2004


what about that vote count?

After a severe media "bad blog bad blog" flogging it's difficult to imagine, but counts are continuing. We haven't wet ourselves in shame - go figure. In fact it has spawned furious email letters to the editor (in place of therapy). Recounts are happening in NH and possibly Ohio after certification. Senator Kerry made a post-concession broadcast appearance on a Boston Fox affiliate station today reminding the questioner that Ohio is still counting when asked about running in 2008.

I hear, read, touch, feel and discuss daily news of wacko vote tallies, wonky machine tabulations, and anti-voter suppression accounts. The deluge of scary new appointments, church melding stateward head butts, nukes, and blood from Fallujah are very distracting (important, horrifying but still distracting). We can't fix that before we fix this. Did we have this much news last year?

Hello!? It turns out that felons work at Diebold - Yikes! We citizens aren't used to hawking democracy, but we'll just have to get over it because we aren't used to totalitarianism, or fascism either.

Bev Harris from Black Box Voting is getting some fishy stone-walling behavior thrown her way while trying to perform and audit. Nadar and Badnarik are requesting funds to get this done. Blogs are belittled by a nasty name calling campaign (conspiracy theorist/tin foil hat/gossip mongering etc). Yawn - typical Roveville. "Sore loser?," grow up bully boy. He's good, but we're better. Don't despair, lose focus, quit or move on - it's hard, but we're worth it and we deserve a damn vote! Everyone should count - so let's freakin count, and account, for those votes okay? No one else is going to count them for us. Why is that revolutionary act?

Oh my gosh: UC Berkeley study press release that says Bush got 130k-260k of electronic "extra" Florida votes. Don't be afraid of the "f" word. Uhm... that's a 99.9% chance that it happened.

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