Thursday, December 02, 2004


psyops and recounts

Manufacturing elections and Iraqi invasion consent - what's the difference? It's a good thing we're waking up, or should I say being slapped into reality. If the Pentagon and Bush Administration are able to repeat something often enough they hope it will become truth? It's much the same as Kenneth Blackboxwell and voting system representatives repeating the "All's well with the 2004 vote" message. I imagine they are drafting a counterspin to the dwindling Bush numbers in Ohio with something like the "Sore Loserman" campaign of 2000. Too bad that old one doesn't rhyme with the candidates anymore... The paid repug staffers are too busy spinning the Gonzalez torture memos, or advocating a fair vote in the Ukraine? Be prepared - they'll think of something. Oh I dunno, like, Constitution Article 4 Section 2 prohibiting the Ohio vote from discriminating or nullifying the S.Carolina vote?

Watch Cliff Arnebeck of Alliance for Democracy on this Washington Journal segment regarding the Ohio Vote Fraud Court Case. It requires Free Real Player.

Amy Goodman's The Exception to the Rulers addresses the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and domestic psyops illegality in: Chapter 14 entitled Psyops Comes Home. Unfortunately, our mass media is complicit in all of it from Judith Miller's imaginary war drum "sources" to Dan Rather's cuddly Marlboro Marine tears.

Amy Goodman's book is available for 12 or 15 bucks, and is the best political read I have ever cried, laughed or promoted my sanity with. Sorry Mr. Chomsky - I liked yours too.

Worth a mention... the defining of truth. From wikipedia: "The consensus theory, invented by Charles Sanders Peirce sees truth as something agreed upon by some specified group, such as all competent investigators."

Personally, I prefer the other types of truth; as in, the true kind.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome John Kerry to democracy. He's joined the Ohio and Washington recounts with some lawyers and at least 1/4 mil of the money we paid him for counting efforts. Bravo.

Speaking of truth - Keith Olbermann lied and is using his media pulpit to goose blog Bev Harris for the Florida vote trash video. I would like to see it too, sunshine permitting. Couldn't Olbermann's producers actually request it?
Contrary to Olbermann's assertions, neither he nor his staff have ever spoken with Harris to ask her to show anyone the Volusia County tapes. Producers now admit that they have not spoken to Harris at all since November 8, when they cancelled a scheduled appearance on Countdown. Harris did not come to Florida until November 12, when investigations in Volusia County began. Both Executive Producer Izzy Povich and producer Katy Carp admitted they have not been able to get hold of Harris at all since Nov. 8.

When Harris asked about Olbermann's mischaracterizations of the LePore incident (which he characterized as "crashing" "rushing" and "screaming.") Izzy Povich said that they took those details "from other news sources." When asked by Harris, she declined to name any of the news sources. When Harris stated that she has always been, and was still willing to come on the show, Povich said they are not interested in having Harris as a guest, but only in getting copies of the videotapes.

Harris arranged for the owner of the Volusia County videotapes to call Povich and offer her the tapes. Povich admitted that producers had never tried to call the owners of the tape. The tape was offered to Povich by its producers, who called to make the tape available, but Olbermann's producers have so far not returned the call.

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